Charming roguelike adventure game Beyond the Long Night celebrates it’s Kickstarter announcement by publicly releasing a demo.

Players can now explore a small slice of the mysterious Dark Mountain for free in this whimsical and chaotic twin-stick shooter.

Oct 20th 2021 — Noisy Head Games

Beyond the Long Night is coming to Kickstarter!

Beyond the Long Night, an upcoming charming roguelike adventure game, was announced today as coming to Kickstarter. To celebrate the announcement, indie developer Noisy Head Games has released a free public demo of the game onto

Players can now battle, upgrade and puzzle their way through the Dark Mountain – a subterranean world of monsters, treasures and motivational talking cows. The demo offers a condensed version of the first area in the game, along with a bite-sized collection of characters, monsters and upgrades to play with. Taking its inspirations from The Binding of Isaac’s combat, The Outer Wilds time loop and Undertale’s dialogue, Beyond the Long Night offers a unique blend of chaotic gameplay with a relaxing and whimsical atmosphere.

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Watch the gameplay trailer here!

“We’ve been playtesting the demo in our Discord server for the last week, and I’ve been truly humbled by the positive response from our community.” says Steve Hollis, creator of Beyond the Long Night. “Today’s announcement will allow more players to experience the world of Beyond the Long Night, which has been a passion project of mine for almost 2 years now. There’s a lot to discover, silly characters to meet, and a good handful of Upgrades to muck about with in this first outing to the Dark Mountain.”

Players can engage monsters in cartoonish and satisfying twin-stick shooter combat, with an Upgrade system that allows them to stack and combine multiple upgrades at once. The demo also includes a colourful collection of friendly NPCs to meet, including a flying one-man-band, motivational cows, and a sleepy security guard who doesn’t like confrontation. Beyond the Long Night also boasts an 8-bit pixel art style with soft lighting, as well a haunting retro-inspired soundtrack that ranges from energetic to serene.


  • A charming single player adventure set in an underground world caught in a time loop.
  • Twin stick shooter with Upgrades and Superpowers.
  • Puzzles and secrets.
  • Randomly generated maps built from individually handcrafted rooms.
  • Permadeath.
  • The bunting has physics.

About the developer

“How many sound designers does it take to make a video game? Well, we’re giving it a go with three! Having all met in the audio department of Frontier Developments, we share a passion for creating unique game worlds that are an absolute hoot to explore!” – Steve Hollis

Noisy Head Games was founded by ex-Technical Sound Designer Steve Hollis. He spent over 5 years at Frontier Developments programming and designing audio and music systems on titles such as Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo and Jurassic World: Evolution, before starting development of Beyond the Long Night in early 2020. He has created much of Beyond the Long Night himself, but has had help from sound designers Ross Stack and Pablo Canas, who have over 14 years of sound design experience between them.

Press contact

Name: Steve Hollis
Company Name: Noisy Head Games
Email: press(at)noisyheadgames(dot)com
Press Kit: Press Kit

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