Kickstarter launch date announced

Players are invited to puzzle, upgrade and battle through the Dark Mountain in this whimsical twin-stick shooter with roguelike mechanics

25th Jan 2021 — Noisy Head Games

Beyond the Long Night, a whimsical twin-stick shooter with roguelike mechanics, has been announced as coming to Kickstarter on February 8th 2022. Developed by Noisy Head Games, a UK based indie studio whose developers have previously worked together at Cambridge based company Frontier Developments, Beyond the Long Night combines a charming indie adventure with chaotic roguelike combat.

Players will be tasked with exploring the Dark Mountain – a subterranean world full of monsters, treasures and secrets. The roguelike mechanics of the game are woven into the story, with the game taking place within a world caught in a time-loop. As players make the dangerous ascent up the underground mountain, they will be chased by a mysterious and unrelenting force known as “The Storm” that destroys everything in its wake. With an emphasis on mystery, replayability, loveable characters and a retro pixel art aesthetic, Beyond the Long Night will offer players an exhilarating adventure where its secrets are drip fed and revealed across multiple playthroughs.

When the Kickstarter launches on February 8th, a free demo will also be released on Steam. The free demo is already available on, and will be updated with new upgrades and enemy types when the Kickstarter launches.

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About the developer

“How many sound designers does it take to make a video game? Well, we’re giving it a go with three! Having all met in the audio department of Frontier Developments, we share a passion for creating unique game worlds that are an absolute hoot to explore!” – Steve Hollis

Noisy Head Games was founded by ex-Technical Sound Designer Steve Hollis. His past titles include Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo and Jurassic World: Evolution, where he specialised in audio programming, music and music systems. Development for Beyond the Long Night started in early 2020, with Steve Hollis working as the lead developer, and the sound design being developed by audio professionals Ross Stack and Pablo Canas.

Press contact

Name: Steve Hollis
Company Name: Noisy Head Games
Email: press(at)noisyheadgames(dot)com
Press Kit: Press Kit

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